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StarDeck Industries - Custom RVs

Custom RV Fabrication by StarDeck Industries

If You Can Dream it, We Can Build it!

Custom Production Trailer in Process

Dog Grooming Unit Fabrication in Process

Refurbish Production Honey-Wagon - Process & Complete

  • All trailers have only one seam roof and floor.

  • Custom RV Fabrication in Process

  • Custom RV Fabrication in Process

Custom Trailer Building

Get the most out of your RV with custom trailer building and RV reroofing services from StarDeck Industries in Corona, CA. Our company offers RV repairs and maintenance that allow you to extend the life of your RV trailer.

Rely on us to build trailers of any length, size, or style. Our company customizes trailers for your needs, including our patented SkyDeck. Contact us today for a free consultations and estimate.

Entertainment Industry Vehicles

These trailers include production vehicles, make-up trailers, wardrobe trailers and combos. In addition, we also offer insurance work. We understand the entertainment industry and make the repair or refurbishment of your vehicle a priority. Trust us for prompt turnaround times.

Service Industry Vehicles

Whether you need a custom trailer for law enforcement or the health industry, our company offers reasonable pricing. Depend on us to build to your specifications and make sure everything is in working order: guaranteed. A 2-year warranty is offered for construction.

We take pride in our quality craftsmanship, construction materials and appliances put into all our trailers. While building custom trailers for our clients we always strive to stay within your budget.

We find that we can customize the price according to the specific order to guarantee an affordable price with a great value.
Contact us today at (951) 270-0015 for a free consultations and estimate.