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Here’s what some of our Corona, CA customers are saying about us:

Ron and his team did some repair work including water damage on my Toyhauler. Reworked the skin and repainted decals. Looks great!

Mike Rohr StarDeck Industries Customer Review

This place has everything but you need a day to go threw it

Richard Everhart Google Review

They have everything for your R.V.s very affordable price. They are very friendly to customers.

Diane Gemmell Google Review

This is the right place to get surplus RV parts to fit non current models. They have sooo much to look through, so plan on spending some time there. Bring your old part to match up with the replacement part. They have Stoves, refrigerators, electrical boxes and panels, light for interior and exterior, vents, air conditioners, water heaters, paneling, flooring, counter tops, fans, windows, window molding, tire mounts, Brake parts, hitches, plumbing fittings, toilets, holding tanks, hinges, handles, sewer and fresh water lines and fittings, the list goes on and on. Most every part for RV are available, Don’at get mad if they don’t have it, not there fault we have older RV’s. They were in Fontana for many years and moved to Corona and they also do repairs. I will be back.

Robert Oneill Google Review

5 Stars!

Larry Magda Google Review

Love this place was just there and ready to go back

Patricia Pierce StarDeck Industries Customer Review

Very helpful lots of parts

John Yesenosky StarDeck Industries Customer Review
    Found this place, problem solved! Thank you.

    Peter Allen Google Review

    4 Stars!

    joni terrones Google Review

    5 Stars!

    Luis Garcia Google Review

    4 Stars!

    Anthony Serrano Google Review

    Installed a 20 ‘ ft. electric awning with weather protection casing on a 17 year old travel trailer. Thanks Ron and the team, awning looks great!

    Scott Williams StarDeck Industries Customer Review

    5 Stars!

    Jason Day Google Review

    Good service in and out had brakes adjusted on my 5th wheel

    Mike Sword Google Review

    Ok, here’s the deal on Stardeck. When you go to Ron’s shop you go there because his pricing on everything, mostly labor, is very inexpensive. So everyone goes there just like you. Everyone pulls in with a Fire Drill need and Ron does his best to service everyone. But, he only has so many guys. So you have guys on your coach but then ‘Bob’ shows up and needs a window and the guys go put on a window. So, face it, it takes longer than he quoted you. Why? Because you showed up with a Fire Drill and he helped you out. Ron’s a good guy, this is a good shop. Go in, stay calm, shop and buy stuff. 

    Bill Pendleton Google Review

    Great place if you need anything for your rv. New or used most of time. Fair prices. Can’t commet on service department since have not used. If you drive your rv there and not for service. I found parking across the street much easier. Staff very friendly and take the time to give you good service

    James Lara Google Review


    4 Stars!

    Clarence Lester Google Review


    The Lady Virginia at the counter was really nice, I was looking for a complete shower stall kit, Stardeck has the best price available. Ron has someone to help me to load all the stuff into my car, I never encountered any issues that people said in their yelp reviews. Staff there is very friendly. I ended up buying more stuff.

    david w Google Review


    4 Stars!

    Gerardo Gonzalez Google Review


    5 Stars!

    Alicia Verduzco Google Review


    This is the only place in So Cal that you can go and find parts for your RV in stock. I need 1 A&E inner leg, a latch, and a replacement dc converter. I could not find the leg so 3 different employees chipped in and found what I needed. $94 bucks well spent.

    Ricky Jimenez StarDeck Industries Customer Review


    5 Stars!

    Emilio Zavala StarDeck Industries Customer Review
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